Syrer fliehen nicht vor Krieg

„Willst Du damit sagen, die meisten Syrer fliehen nicht vor Krieg und Verfolgung?“

Die Antwort des jungen Mannes ist genauso verblüffend, wie der wahre Grund seiner Reise nach Deutschland. „Ja. Meine Freunde und ich sind gegangen, weil wir nicht zur Armee wollten. Und weil es eben in Europa leichter ist, einen guten Beruf zu bekommen und Geld zu verdienen.“ Nun, vielleicht ist ja das Assad-Regime schlimmer geworden, was den ansteigenden Flüchtlingsstrom ausgelöst haben könnt

Mehr anzeigen

“ Falls Freiheit überhaupt etwas bedeutet, dann bedeutet Sie das Recht

darauf, den Leuten das zu sagen, was sie nicht hören wollen.“ (George Orwell)


  Jew hasbaratchik Jon Rappoport:
„Every shooting is a false flag –
and so is San Bernardino“

What Did I$rael Know in Advance of the 9/11 Attacks?
No doubt at all, the big-time
Jews – and above all, the Jew
Rothschild banksters – knew all
there was to know about 9/11
well in advance – not just their
‘extraterritorial’ I$raHell.
As the Jew Senator Al Franken
admitted, his fellow Jew Ed Koch,
the former closet queer gefilte
mayor of NYC, clearly knew both
the time and the place of the
forthcoming attack – and so did,
of course, the Jew-Ess govt.
And just how ‘big-time’ was Ed
Koch?…  If this shit-munching
Yid knew about it, then what
Jew that’s not fully in bed with
his bloodsucking cabal didn’t?…
No doubt, the Jews sold 9/11
to the Bushes as the greatest
‘oil field acquisition’ in history…
In the event, the Bushes mainly
cashed in  on robbing the poor
old American taxpayers.
At the same time, while the
Jew neocons were promising
the sheeple lots of cheap oil,
the Jew Rothschild-controlled
Trotskyite rent-a-crowds were
shouting from the rooftops
to distract the ‘dumb goyim’
from their Jew I$raHell, the
real cause of the war – while
the price at the pump just
kept going up.
And when, over a decade later,
the oil price was driven way
down by the Saudi economic
warfare against Russia and Iran,
the price at the pump went down
ever so slightly and ever so slowly.
However, the consumer rip-offs
perpetrated by the oil companies
are the less noticeable aspect
of the Jew terrorism business.
Not unlike the Jew Hiroshima
bomb, 9/11 and the subsequent
‘war on terror’ also unleashed a
chain reaction – a chain reaction
of terrorism – of which the Jews
are the prime beneficiaries.
Consider the latest Jew harvest
of blood in San Bernardino, CA.
A hejab-wearing Muslim female
recently imported into the U.S.
and mentally screwed up by
adverse reactions, in her turn,
screwed up her hapless hubby…
This is nothing if not yet another
deflagration in the chain reaction
of terrorism set off by the Jew-Ess
govt on 9/11 on behalf of I$raHell,
Bush crime family and the owners
of the largest packages of shares of
the arms-manufacturing companies.
These scumbags pocketed trillions
of dollars of the taxpayers‘ money,
yet thousands of GIs and Marines
were sent out in ‘death-or-mutilation’
tin boxes called Humvees…
There were no Jews among them.

Dancing I$raelis on 9/11 –
“Our Purpose Was To Document The Event”

The dancing I$raelis‘ function at
9/11 was, indeed, the same one
as the Jew Zapruder’s at the
JFK’s assassination – to film the
destruction of the ‘dumb goyim’
for the ultimate delectation of
the Jew Mossad whores and
their Jew Rothschild pimps.
The Jews love nothing more
than gloating over the final
agony of their goy victims.

„Mossad put the explosives here“
is a simplification at best and a
cover-up at worst.  In fact, the
Jew-Ess govt (CIA) planted the
explosives (see Susan Lindauer).
However, there is no doubt at all
that the whole idea of the 9/11
‘semi-false-flag’ attack was sold
to the Bush crime family by the
Jews and the Jew-colonized CIA.

(The term ‘semi-false-flag’ refers to
the likelihood that at least 2 or 3
of the 9/11 planes were real, while
the very precisely aimed ‘Pentagon
plane’ was doubtful in the extreme.
And, of course, no plane can explain
the collapse of the Building No 7.)

WTC7 is the brown building behind the Twin Towers

I didn’t study the Boston Bombing as an event
in any detail.  As I sad earlier, the case may
well be that it was ‘piggybacked’ with some
additional explosives – a mini-9/11 perhaps.
But I must have heard nearly everything about
the Tsarnaev brothers, and I’m sure they were
for real.  They were CIA imports from Russia,
to begin with.  An uncle of theirs is literally
in bed with the CIA, being married to someone
in the company.  And the Russians actually
issued a formal warning to the U.S. authorities
about them, which was deliberately ignored.
Given that the brothers shared a house, that
house would have been thoroughly wired for
sound – and they would have blabbed out all
about their forthcoming ‘martyrdom operation’.
As far as the CIA was concerned, too much time
elapsed since 9/11, and the American sheeple
badly needed another little Pearl Harbor, lest
they have any doubts about the Congressional
budget appropriations…  In short, it was ‘good
for business’, so they just sat back and watched –
and, quite possibly, perverted the course of
justice to get the police off the brothers‘ back.
As we know by now, Tsarnaevs almost certainly
perpetrated a triple murder in Boston a year
earlier.  All three victims – their pals – had their
throats cut, Oriental-style – a dead give-away.
Unexplainably, they were never treated
as suspects – apparently, because the CIA
had some ‘greater plans’ for them – ‘jihad’,
which is what they themselves had in mind.
Don’t most of the dots pretty well connect?…

The word homeland…
When did this word had any usage last time,
before it was pimped into its latter-day career
of ritual Talmudic prostitution?…  Didn’t it have
some currency in the Judeo-Marxist vocabulary?…
Is that where the Jew Trotskyite neocons had it
procured from?…

TV series Homeland
based on the I$raeli series Hatufim
hottest Jewish wet dreams; excerpts:
“The worst terrorist disaster since 9/11”:
a car bombing at CIA headquarters that
killed more than two hundred people.“
„Following a gunshot wound to the torso,
Brody becomes addicted to the heroin
given to him as a painkiller.  Saul
eventually rescues him, detoxifies him,
and recruits him for a mission: to go
to Iran and use his notoriety as the
„Langley Bomber“ to get close to the
current head of the Revolutionary Guard,
Danesh Akbari, to assassinate him…
During the meeting, Brody strikes Akbari
and suffocates him to death.“  Brilliant…

I$rael Exposed as Main Buyer of Terrorist ISIS Oil


Former CIA agent Robert Baer:
They gave us millions to dismember Yugoslavia

„My boss, who was formerly a US Senator,
stressed repeatedly that some kind of scam
would go down in Bosnia.  A month before
the alleged genocide in Srebrenica, he told
me that the town would be headline news
around the world, and ordered us to call
the media…  A few years ago a friend of mine,
a former CIA agent and now at the IMF, said
that Srebrenica is the product of agreement
between the US government and politicians
in Bosnia.  The town of Srebrenica was
sacrificed to give America a motive to attack
the Serbs for their alleged crimes.“

Truth Hertz: The Rosenberg Trial (11-24-15)

Video – observe this vile Jew
Edward Bernays: „Public relations“
is a polite term for propaganda
– 0:34 <<

„The conscious and intelligent manipulation of
the organized habits and opinions of the masses
is an important element in democratic society.
Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism
of society constitute an invisible government
which is the true ruling power of our country…
The engineering of consent is the very essence
of democratic process.“
– Jew Edward Bernays
nephew of the Jew Dr Freud

„The smart way to keep people passive and obedient
is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion,
but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.“
– Jew Noam Chomsky
The Whole Story Of Zionist Conspiracy
[The Filthy History Of Pedophilia, Murder & Bigotry]
– 58:06
The Christian perspective

Video – North Korean documentary
Axis Of Evil – Documentary Of Zionists,
Israel, United States, Canada, Britain
– 1:35:04
Too long, nothing new, but largely true

NEW YORK – Haredi Rabbi Wanted To
Have Sex With Second Boy, Court Hears

The headline says it all  – give it a miss!

Pedophilia and male prostitutes in the White House

The headline says it all  – give it a miss!

The Child Prostitution Ring that Reached Bush Whitehouse
The headline says it all  – give it a miss!

Michael Jackson, purportedly prostituted by his father
from a tender age, is being amorously pursued by
the main Parliamentary Zio Jew Greville Janner, MP –
he, of the Conservative Friends of Israel.

Cyril Smith, MP, was not prosecuted for child
sex abuse because establishment was scared
who he would name in court, detective claims

The headline says it all  – give it a miss!

British Naval tradition…
„No 1 Cabin-Boy“

Jill Dando: assassinated
on behalf of baby-bonkers
Jill Dando ‚tried to investigate alleged paeodphile ring inside
the [queer-and-kosher] BBC, but no one wanted to know‘

The headline says it all  – give it a miss!

Pedophiles Down Under
VIP Pedophile Ring Victim Comes Forward

Former Prime Minister paedophile claims
„PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull is under pressure
to launch an investigation into elite paedophile rings
in Australia, after allegations surfaced of a former
Prime Minister on a police list of suspected

Victoria Police apologises for failing to protect children from…
Victorian Police failed to act on pedophile warnings

Victorian police in pedophile rings: victims
Police probed on child-sex abuse claims

Ex-police chief ‚architect of conspiracy‘
Victoria Police Corruption – Facebook

„A highly-organised paedophile ring involving
Victorian police and former politicians had
been operating in the state since the 1970s.“

Moroccan Jews ‘Who Suffered Anti-Semitism’
to Get Holocaust Payments

Comment by
Eric Blenheim
But will the survivors of the 100,000 mixed-race
young Jewish children who were ruthlessly irradiated
with 35,000 times the maximum safe dose of X-Ray
radiation in Israel, to keep the Jewish racial genome
free from dark skin, also get some compensation?
This occurred without parental knowledge or consent,
and no white Ashkenazim children were subjected to
X-Ray ‚treatment‘ for fungal ringworm of the scalp.
Of course, quite mysteriously, no Ashkenazim children
at all had that infection…
Accounts of X-Rays being the standard treatment
for this condition are pure propaganda to whitewash
the mass murder and sterilization by the ‚pure race‘
Askenazim Jews…
Read Barry Chamish, ‚100,000 Radiations‘.  100,000
young mixed-race children were deliberately attacked
in this manner by the Israeli Ashkenazim Jews, and
6,000 of those coloured Jewish children died within
a few weeks in a horrific manner, the rest were left
sterilized, with brain damage, cancer, epilepsy,
severe burns, and a lifetime of chronic pain.
That happened in 1950, just after the state of Israel
began, these genocidal racists started as they meant
to go on.
Rabbis Lauded by Vladimir Putin for Fight Against Neo-Nazis

Israeli and Russian Chief Rabbis Attend Ceremony
Give it a miss!

„The worst possible mistake
to make with the Jews is to
doubt their utter bestiality.“

„As long as certain twisted souls feel the need to lie,
cheat and murder to achieve their ends, some of us
need to keep pointing it out.“                  – Les Visible


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After Hours with Gilad Atzmon & Friends
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Video by MoonFire II


Email from Queensland: 

Some Australian Freedom Fighters were attacked
by CFMEU union thugs (a criminal clique inside
the CFMEU) during a peaceful rally and were latter
cowardly assaulted at a peaceful gathering in a
Brisbane pub, causing them grievous bodily harm.
Two of the CFMEU men named in the Royal
Commission into union finances were allegedly
involved in the attack.

Please come to the Court and support the victims!

The trial will be on Fri, 11 December at 8:30am, Court No 20

Contact Joshua Gunther for further info:

I look forward to seeing you there.


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